Market Day

Welcome to the Ephemeral Market Day Events!

The Ephemeral Market s Montreal's most magical marketplace, where students and the public can buy all their magical supplies and the necessities for school at Maplestone Academy. This event is open all day a few times a year. All students must visit the Market to obtain supplies for their courses throughout the year, the first visit occurring on the very first day of class.

All registered students will have guaranteed supplies on reserve for them. All they need to do is show their Maplestone Academy Token. The token will come with their acceptance letter, agenda, and Vault Key package in the mail. Vault Keys will give students access to their Goblin Bank Vault for coin (to buy items not on the list of requirements) and specialty treasures, including the name of their Message Owl for the year.

At all other Ephemeral Market Events, muggle money will only be accepted.

Maplestone Academy (of course)
Crescent Moon School of Magic & Paganism Specialty Supplies
The Magical Blend Occult Supply Shop
Bedknobs Broomsticks
Thesaurus Tea

Wizard Craft Academy
Heartfelt Hollow
... and more to come ...

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